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Time to post …

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment last! The tiddlers are fast asleep so here I am – I’d love to say this is the start of a new era, but since it’s taken 2 months to make my first post, that seems a bit unlikely! !  The last few weeks have been spent trying to make some things for a Christmas Fair so at least I have some things to show – yay


This is the first quilt I started on – yellow pinwheels – just the right size to baste on the table, luckily! I read on another blog that taping the back down and then adding the other layers and pinning them together is a good way to go about it – I’d been pinning them on the carpet til then, but I’d usually end up pinning the quilt to the carpet! At least this way, I can’t pin it to the table :o).

Here it is all finished

This was about my second or third go at machine quilting – I soon learned that it works much better with a thinner batting! My first attempt used a polyester 4oz batting but it was like trying to sew through a cotton wool snowdrift – thank goodness for the internet and a fantastic blog by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts . I used Matilda’s Own batting for this – a wool mix which is lovely to work with and nice and snuggly on my knees when I’m hand-sewing the binding – just have to be carful not to get hot chocolate all over it in the process :o))  

Here you can see the quilting on the back – I was really chuffed with that! Probably just as well that this wasn’t all straight lines, so I didn’t go too far astray – lots of thread ends to tie off though, going to have to think how to get round that bit. I added some bits of material to the back that I had left from the front – really like how it ties it all together.

Here it is again pretending to be a yoga mat!

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