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Some Doll’s quilts

I started these little quilts a few weeks ago to have a go at some traditional blocks and practice my piecing – lots of half square triangles to try and get in the right place so that the seams join up properly! I think it’s helped improve my technique, plus they’ve used up some scraps of fabric and batting. They’re also a good size for a doll’s quilt – I’ve promised Charlie that when I make her a new quilt (which will be soon, I hope!) I’ll make one for dolly to match :o)  

This is where I started, lots of half square triangles in white and a variety of lilac shades – some of this is material left from Charlie’s first quilt (still loving that Kaffe Fasset print!). The bit of orange paper is a layout of all the nine-patch blocks that would suit a doll’s quilt – don’t think this one has a name, just half square triangles, or HST for short (not to be confused with HRT or PMT!!) …  

Once they were all sewn together in pairs, each one had to be flattened out and pressed – I’m never sure how to press the seam though – the traditional method is to press it to one side, preferably towards the dark fabric so that the seam doesn’t show through the white – or lighter – fabric. That always seems to end up being quite bulky, especially when you are sewing lots of pieces together, so I’ve taken to pressing the seam open – it’s working better for me at the moment, anyway.  

I like this photo, it made me think of pirates – lots of little white faced pirates with hats on – an idea for a future project maybe ?Wonder if I could make a Johnny Depp / Captain Sparrow one ???  Finally – after lots of arranging and re-arranging – all the ‘squares’ are sewn together in rows to make a nine-patch block. Hurray – now comes the fun bit! 


As there were so many straight lines in this little quilt, I decided I wanted a circular quilting pattern – I thought about spirals and loops but eventually settled on a little sun design which I actually found amongst the shapes available to insert into documents in Word – a bit like clip art. I popped it onto a piece of paper and made it the size I wanted, then printed if off and traced it onto some tracing paper – I guess the sensible thing to do next would have been to make myself a proper stencil, but I was in too much of a rush, so I used the tracing paper and my trusty fabric marker to trace the pattern on to each of the nine patches of the block.  

Once I’d cut a piece of fabric and batting to make a little quilt sandwich, I hand quilted each of the little suns and then finished the quilt off by binding by folding over the extra backing fabric and securing it with a running stitch. I have done this with all the quilts I’ve made up until this summer when I finally got the confidence to add a separate binding – I tried that on the other 2 doll quilts, as you’ll see and it’s actually much easier than I thought. I think I prefer it now that I’m getting the hang of it! 

The finished article.


Here are the other 2 doll’s quilts I’ve made so far. The green one is a traditional star block – I think it’s called ‘variable star’ (catchy little name!) and the red one is ‘churn dash’ (equally catchy!) They also have little co-ordinated blankets to go with them.


All of the doll’s quilts shown here are for sale, so if you’d like to treat a little girl for Christmas with something unique and handmade with love, please drop me a line  :o))  – lots of other colours and fabrics in my stash just waiting for the right project !

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  1. Rhian
    November 4, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    wow – here’s me hoping it is your blog Susanne – looks great and gorgeous work so far – good on you! Look forward to seeing it all on display at the Christmas fair!

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