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Bloggers quilt festival

One of the sites I’ve found myself lurking at over the last couple of months is ‘Amy’s Creative Side’ and Amy very kindly hosts a bloggers quilt festival in the Spring and Autumn – I wasn’t sure I would have this quilt finished in time to enter, but I think we’re just about there! So, here’s my entry – I’m not sure what to call it – hourglasses in yellow and blue (and brown and a bit of white?) maybe?? Seems a bit of a mouthful – just ‘hourglasses’, then 🙂

I’m really pleased with this quilt for lots of reasons – I love the colours together (not everyone’s choice I know, but I really like them), the hourglasses went together brililantly so that you can see the points of the triangles (yay, think we got this working now !), it is the first quilt where I was able to do straight line stitching across the seams (in a Rita-from-Red-Pepper-Quilts stylee) without making a quilt snowdrift ahead of my needle (woo-hoo!) and – wait for it – I put on one continuous binding (rather than one piece on each side) which folded beautifully at the corners! Hurray, so chuffed!!

One slilght problem – the first time I quilted it, I didn’t check that the back was on straight so when I sat down to sew the binding on I realised my quilt had about 1 inch too much backing on one side and 1 inch too little on the other – and the pieced bit I’d put on the backing was all wonky 😦 I think I got so carried away that with the straight line stitching working that everything else went out the window – so, anyway, it took me most of last Saturday to unpick all that quilting and then I had to re-baste it and sew it all again – a good lesson for me to check, and double check, that everything is straight next time, before I start!   


I’ve mentioned Red Pepper Quilts a couple of times now, and I’d just like to say that it is a great blog to follow if you’re interested in quilting, she makes such beautiful things – and also to say thanks, Rita, for the brilliant tips on basting and quilting on your blog – they helped me a lot. When I did this quilt, I used the Matilda’s Own batting (which is lurvly) but I also invested in some heavier (is that the right word? Stronger?) needles for my machine (90/14 instead of 80/12) and some stronger / thicker thread (YLI quilting thread, which feels great!) – I really think those things have helped me improve and it is sooooooooo satisfying! Well, it is providing you put the back in the right place of course and don’t have to take it all to pieces again – arrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Make sure you go and check out the quilts at the Bloggers Quilt Festival too – they’re stunning! Thanks Amy for organising it all – it’s an impressive feat.

 Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

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  1. P.
    November 6, 2010 at 2:21 am

    I do like the color combination, and the hourglass block design! I love the way you quilted it!

  2. November 9, 2010 at 11:09 am

    I think this is a lovely quilt and I like the work you have done. Great colour choices and the straight line quilting is just right for it. The back is great, too!

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