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Coins in blue

I’ve been wanting to make a boy’s quilt for a while as most of the quilts I’ve made so far have a bit of a girly feel to them – I guess the hourglass one could be for boys or girls, but most are definitely girls quilts.

I picked up some cars and bikes fabric in Ikea ages ago and had a few ideas for turning it into quilts but when I saw a great pattern for a coins quilt at Cluck Cluck Sew I really wanted to try it out with this fabric. You’ll find the pattern for it in the tutorials on the rhs.

The top for this came together really easily – basically it’s just lots of rectangles in colourful fabric scraps and white, alternated over 4 columns. I think I cut the pieces out while we were watching the chilean miners being rescued and had it all assembled the next day! It was almost the right size for a piece of batting I had left over from another quilt (about 37 inches square), but there were a couple of inches spare around the edges, so I cut a border out of some striped fabric (also Ikea) and added it around the pieced top – I’d already used some of this fabric for the rectangles and I was really pleased when I added it to the edges, it just seems to finish it off really well.

I used a piece of the cars fabric (which again appears in some of the rectangles)  for the backing and started quilting – I really thought I’d have it finished in a couple of days but quilting it was a real nightmare! First I did straight lines down the seams of the vertical columns – that was easy enough, but when I started to do the horizontal lines, along the bottom of the rectangles I ran into real problems – the quilt snowdrifts began piling up at the edges of the rectangles, pulling them out of shape, so I was a bit unhappy with that. Then I decided to try quilting straight lines in the white border and ended up with it well out of shape – I have to say it drove me nuts for a few days!

This picture shows the second attempt at quilting the border – to start with I did 5 straight lines along each edge, but the quilt ended up so out of shape I had to pull all of it back out again. The second time, I tried doing broader lines, but that was almost as bad – it just all ruffled up and looked very messy. So I pulled that out as well. Then I looked at the horizontal lines along the rectangles and – yes – those came out too.

So, after about a week we weren’t much further on and I really wasn’t sure what to do to finish it, which was a shame becuase I really loved the colours of it! Eventually I decided to do a loopy pattern in the border and – joy of joys –  the quilt stayed flat, so no snowdrifts and no wonky lines – hurrah!


I think you can see the loops in the border here. I also added hand stitched horizontal lines across the rectangles in  blue and orange embroidery thread (in place of the white machined ones that I pulled out) and I am so chuffed by how much better this looks. I love blue and orange together and I really thinks this helps to pull the quilt together. I love hand quilting too – it takes a while, especially on a big project – but it’s great to do while you’re watching the tv and – extra bonus – it keeps your knees warm while you’re sewing 🙂


The border is a plain blue cotton which I think really complements the other colours. All in all, I think this is my favourite quilt at the moment – hope I can find a happy home for it 🙂

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  1. November 7, 2010 at 11:17 am

    What an amazing quilt! Ikea have some amazing fabric don’t they? It’s funny as it’s not really somewhere you would think of to go and find fabric.

    • suze28
      November 7, 2010 at 12:12 pm

      Thanks Fiona – after driving me batty for a few days, I’m really pleased how it turned out. And yes, Ikea is pretty good for kids fabric, great to use for backing as you can pick up 3m pre-cuts very easily.

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