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Florie’s Quilt

Wow, where have the last few weeks gone? And here I was thinking that I’d be able to start posting regularly, ha!

Well, I’ve been sewing madly to get some more stock together for the Amber Pre-School Christmas Fair (28/11, 2-4pm if you’re in the area!). All of the quilts I’ve posted on here will be making an appearance, along with some smaller bits and pieces – hope to have some pictures of those to post at the weekend, but today I’m really happy to have some lovely pictures of a quilt I made for baby Florie when she was born back in June. I took some pictures of the quilt before it went to its new home but they didn’t turn out very well 😦 – this is much better – and how cute does Florie look!!

I did a label for Florie’s quilt too, which I was really pleased with – I don’t normally put much on the back of my quilts, but I wanted to make this a nice ‘welcome’ gift and I was happy with how it turned out. I used to do a lot of cross stitch in my pre-quilting days, so it seemed a good way to make sure all the letters were even and straight – oh, and readable, of course!

It’s lovely to know that this is getting lots of use as a playmat when Florie and mum are out and about and grandma seems to like it too –   

“Speaking of mats – that’s a fantastic one she’s lying on – looks real cool.”

Diane, Hampshire

Thanks to Sam for the pictures and quote and to baby Florie for – well – just being Florie 🙂 xxx

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