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More bags …

December 26, 2010 Leave a comment

.. but this time, shoebags! I’ve made 7 of these in the last few days running up to Christmas, but forgot to take a picture of the first lot. Here are some that will be winging their way to Germany shortly:

These are quick and easy to make and really good for using up scraps of fabric for the letters on the front.

I’ve also been busy making blinds and curtains over the last few weeks. Here are the curtains for baby Florie:

I was really happy to finish these, and mum seems happy too ūüôā

Last week I also finished the blind for my friend Gaynor’s kitchen – there are some scraps left, so I think they’ll be good for making a¬†cushion¬†or two and maybe some mug rugs – I’ve seen some really beautiful ones and fancy having a go – such endless choices of patterns though. Think I’ll mull it over with a few mince pies and cups of coffee….¬†


Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas – very quiet and peaceful here – looking forward to lots of lovely new projects in the New Year. Next¬†on my list is to start a new ‘Bunnies’ quilt for Charlie – I’ve been promising for months and think I’m about clear to start – yippee! I’m looking forward to re-making this quilt on a larger scale.

Happy New Year and best wishes with whatever you are working on :).

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Bags, bags, bagsy that …

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been wanting to make a bag – a handbag, rather than a shoebag or tote bag – for a little while and saw some¬†lovely fabric a week or so ago, so I was itching to get sewing when it came in the post yesterday ! First I had to have a sort out in my fabric stash (of course) to make room for the new arrivals – so¬†that was a good excuse to get everything out and¬†drool over it again (and again and again – you get the picture!)¬†¬†

For the bag, I’d decided on this¬†lovely Khristian Howell print from her ‘High Society’ collection (posh petals in lilac) and chose a co-ordinating grey / white spot print for the other half – the pattern I was originally going to use was this one from ‘the DIY dish’ – but by the time I’d sorted through my fabrics I decided to use another print altogether as it went¬†so well with the spots! Because I only had a fat quarter of that one though,¬†I had to search for another bag pattern using less fabric¬†– thank goodness for the internet, however did¬†we manage to sew anything without it?

So, here’s how the bag ended up:

The fabric I used for the bottom part of the bag is an Amy Butler print – I think it’s called Lotus Pond – I really love it, but¬†it didn’t go well with almost¬†all of the rest of my collection – I think it goes perfectly with the spots though – so much so, that I decided to use the spots at the top of the bag as well as the lining.

The pattern is¬†called ‘buttercup bag’ by Rae Hoekstra and you’ll find it on her blog “Made by Rae” . The only alteration I made was to move the rectangle with the buttons from the front of the bag –¬†where it was just decorative – and use it as a flap to close the bag with. Unfortunately I don’t have a magnetic clasp to attach under the flap (in too much of a rush to get on and sew!!) so I’m going to have to work how to keep¬†it closed (don’t think a safety pin will do it justice really, will it?) but¬†I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the pattern was really easy to follow. I¬†hope the person who finds it in their Christmas stocking likes it too! ¬†

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Shhh, don’t tell ….

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

…. Aiden that I finished his birthday present. I hope he likes it!

I bought the Arsenal fabric on Ebay – it said Vintage which seems to be a euphemism for ‘out of date’ (well, it did have Highbury banners underneath the Arsenal crest) but I cut the club badges out and framed them in solid red cotton, then added red and white gingham sashing to hold it all together. It isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to sit under while watching a game on TV, or for hanging on the wall (it’s quite cosy – I love finishing the binding by hand and draping the quilt over my knees while I’m watching TV¬†– it’s the best bit of quilting for me). Charlie and Jamie have ‘road-tested’ it too, while watching Tom and Jerry earlier, so it may have a few biscuit crumbs on it ūüôā – an added birthday bonus!¬†¬†The binding is black with small grey/brown circles which I think finishes the quilt off well.

I used Aiden’s quilt to practice free motion machine quilting – scary but good fun at the same time. I went to a workshop at the Quilt Room in Dorking a week ago, and was lucky enough to be taught by Dawn Cameron-Dick ( – I had a great time and learned loads, but I think I need to throw all my sewing machine needles and¬†my usual sewing threads away and get some different ones. I didn’t know they made so much difference – oh, and I learned how to oil the machine properly which always helps!

I’m quite pleased with the effect¬†on this quilt, although the meandering line is a bit jerky in places still – I know what I’m going to be practising over Christmas! ¬†

Happy Birthday Aiden for Thursday, hope you have a great day.

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Snow and stuff

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s been a funny week this week – after spending quite a few nights last week working til midnight, trying to finish off a few bits and pieces for the Christmas Fair, I decided to have a bit of a rest on Monday and spent a pleasant few hours catching up with my favourite blogs. Funny how you get so focussed on something – like the sewing – that the rest of the world seems to pass you by – I realised Monday afternoon that the MOT for the car had run out, so arranged that very quickly for Tuesday¬†– and then I had a good look in the fridge and realised all the things that we’d run out of (I blame those 2 small people who live with¬†us and seem to eat constantly!), so I had to make a quick trip¬†to the supermarket to stock up on essentials. Good job I did,¬†cos when the snow started falling on Tuesday it barely stopped for 3 days! ¬†¬†

Can’t say I’ve ever seen this much snow in Horsham in the 14 years I’ve lived here – love the pic of the table and chair – we put some food and water out for the birds but it just sank in the snow! Hope they find it.¬†

I’d like to say that this week, stuck at home, has been very productive, sewing wise¬†– but um, well, I did manage a couple of things …. those curtains I’ve been meaning to take up have got pins in, and I ordered some more fabric (never a chore – and anyway, these fabric stores keep e-mailing me to tell me they have¬†sales on, so it seems rude not to really ūüôā – but I did almost finish a¬†special birthday¬†quilt for a special almost-12 year old Arsenal fan. Just finishing the binding and then hope I can get some pics up on here.

In the meantime, here are some more pics from the Christmas Fair last Sunday.

As you can see, I had a bit of a bag thing going on – I though people might like to buy them as presents as they are smaller (and cheaper!) than the quilts. I really enjoyed making these, but I still can’t decide if the ladybirds (above) need black spots on them to make it really obvious what they are – the kids guessed it right but hubby wasn’t too sure :).

I was really pleased how well the doll’s quilt fitted Charlie’s doll’s cot – she was a bit concerned aout me taking it along for demo purposes, but I did re-assure her that I didn’t plan to sell ‘Baby Sam’ so she was ok – I think she might have her eye on this quilt now though – he does look quite cosy, doesn’t he? Let’s hope he doesn’t mind pink!

Ok, off to do some more sewing so I can post more pics tomorrow.

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