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Shhh, don’t tell ….

…. Aiden that I finished his birthday present. I hope he likes it!

I bought the Arsenal fabric on Ebay – it said Vintage which seems to be a euphemism for ‘out of date’ (well, it did have Highbury banners underneath the Arsenal crest) but I cut the club badges out and framed them in solid red cotton, then added red and white gingham sashing to hold it all together. It isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to sit under while watching a game on TV, or for hanging on the wall (it’s quite cosy – I love finishing the binding by hand and draping the quilt over my knees while I’m watching TV – it’s the best bit of quilting for me). Charlie and Jamie have ‘road-tested’ it too, while watching Tom and Jerry earlier, so it may have a few biscuit crumbs on it 🙂 – an added birthday bonus!  The binding is black with small grey/brown circles which I think finishes the quilt off well.

I used Aiden’s quilt to practice free motion machine quilting – scary but good fun at the same time. I went to a workshop at the Quilt Room in Dorking a week ago, and was lucky enough to be taught by Dawn Cameron-Dick (www.morningstarquilts.com) – I had a great time and learned loads, but I think I need to throw all my sewing machine needles and my usual sewing threads away and get some different ones. I didn’t know they made so much difference – oh, and I learned how to oil the machine properly which always helps!

I’m quite pleased with the effect on this quilt, although the meandering line is a bit jerky in places still – I know what I’m going to be practising over Christmas!  

Happy Birthday Aiden for Thursday, hope you have a great day.

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