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Christening Quilt finished

January 23, 2011 4 comments

Yay, I finished the quilt in time for the christening (which is today!) – hurrah!!

I really enjoyed making this – it does make a difference, I think, making a quilt for someone specific rather than just because I want to experiment with a few fabrics (although that can be good too). Because I didn’t have too much time to make it (just over a week) we didn’t go for a complicated design – it’s 12 squares overall, 6 with an appliqued heart and some stitching around them, and 6 pieced squares, with half square triangles. The top went together in a few days and then I had to think about how to quilt it.

Since the machine quilting workshop I went to last November, I’ve been really keen to have a go at some more – if you see me doodling squirls and leaves on paper, it’s probably because I’m thinking about quilting designs :). There are so many good things about machine quilting – your quilt looks like a quilt really quickly, for a start – but I’ve learned that it’s best not to have too many starts and stops, so that you don’t have loads of ends to tie in.

For this quilt, I tried a flower design, that I’ve seen on some other quilts and I was really pleased with the results – I had to stop a few times when I backed myself into a corner and couldn’t figure how to move the needle across the quilt without drawing a straight line, but I was really chuffed that it does look like a flower (well, to me anyway!) and there were no pulls or puckers on the back – woo hoo!! I used a heavyweight machine needle, one of the ‘good’ quality ones that were recommended by Dawn Cameron-Dick (who taught the machine quilting workshop) and I have to say it went through the quilt like butter – beautiful! I’m still tensing up when I quilt, though – I did try having a glass of wine while quilting (also recommended, to loosen your shoulders – apparently) but I was a bit nervous about drinking too much and knocking red wine all over the pristine white pieces – talk about nervous breakdown! So, I’ll keep practising – hopefully if I keep telling myself to relax it’ll happen eventually – like driving a car – maybe 🙂   


Some of my pictures of the quilt aren’t great, unfortunately – I took this one on the upstairs landing, so that I could hang it over the stair-rail, but there isn’t an awful lot of natural light up there, so apologies for the orangey tones – I’m pleased that you can see the effect of the quilting, though – this was after I washed it, so that helped with the nice crinkly texture too.   

So – off to make some more progress with my other WIP – Charlie’s bunny quilt – maybe it will be done by the time the Easter bunny arrives!

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WIP (aka Work in Progress) …

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I last posted here but I do have some work on the go at the moment – I finally started Charlie’s new quilt, a re-make of the bunnies quilt, but bigger and using the lovely tea-time fabric that I won from the lovely Fiona over at The Sewing Directory!

I’ve also been asked to make a quilt for a new baby who is being christened very soon. This also uses some of the fabrics from ‘pink bunnies’ with some new additions – I hope that baby Casey likes it!


Some of the colours have come out a bit strangely – maybe that’s just due to the light at this time of the year, but some of the darker pinks are looking redder than they do in real life.

I’m really happy with the patchwork border – a tip I learned from the jelly roll book I’m reading at the moment – sew strips of fabric together horizontally, cut the pieced strips vertically and then sew the vertical strips back together again so that you have a string of squares (or rectangles or whatever you like) – so quick and easy.


I’ve been thinking about quilting patterns and as there is so much white space here I really like the idea of an all-over swirl, that will give it a nice crinkly feel – the same as I did on Aiden’s Arsenal quilt, but not on the hearts themselves – think I will quilt round these so that they stand out more and can be seen on the back. Just need to decide now what to use as the top thread – I do have a nice lilac quilting cotton thread, but  maybe that will be too much on all that white? I also have an invisible thread, which I could use with white in the bobbin. Do I want to see the thread on the top or not? A task for tomorrow, I think, trying out some sample squares 🙂

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