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Bunnies in Red and Blue … and a bit of pink, and cream … and …

Well, this is turning out trickier than I remember. I made the first version of the bunny quilt last year and although it was a bit of a challenge getting all the pieces to line up, it did (eventually) !

There are 16 pieces to the block, so lots of seams to match up. I re-used my trusty cardboard (ex-cereal packet) template to mark out all the pieces for the new quilt – and for 16 blocks that’s 256 pieces (if I worked it out right!) – I think my poor template must be a bit askew though, as I’m having a bit of trouble getting the blocks to go together well.

I started the first block by hand, marking the seam lines by pencil on each piece and that went ok for a bit – then I got impatient and decided to machine the rest of it! And it went a bit wonky. So, I chopped some pieces of it to square it up (like you do) and moved on to block 2 – this went even more wonky but I told myself not to panic and did block 3. When I laid them out in a row, though, I thought there is no way these blocks are going to go together without more hacking and I didn’t really want to lose the pointed bit at the bottom of the bunny’s face. So I stopped and tried to forget about it for a few days – part of me really wanted to chuck the while thing in the bin and move on to some nice reassuring squares and rectangles. Blooming angles! I really like this material though – and it should go together.  

Anyway, on Sunday I had a bit of a moment. When I first started this quilt, I was wondering whether I could foundation piece it to ensure that all the shapes went together – I couldn’t figure out how to do the inset pieces though. It finally ocurred to me, though, that I could paper piece the blocks – I’d already traced the pattern out, to scale, on a large piece of paper to help me think about foundation piecing  so I’ve been able to use that to trace each individual piece and pin them to the pieces of fabric I cut out earlier.

It’s been interesting sewing pieces together through paper – and I’m a bit worried about tearing the paper off afterwards, but it has made a difference. Here is the finished block

I’m much happier with this, even though it is taking longer to sew – poor Charlie keeps asking me when her quilt will be finished, she’s had to wait a long time already – hopefully it will be looking much better in another couple of weeks!  

Here you can see the size difference between the machine-pieced block and the hand-pieced one.

I’ve just ordered some freezer paper, so I’m looking forward to giving that a try for the paper templates too – I’ve never used it before and I wasn’t really sure what it was for, but I’m excited about giving it a go. I would have hated giving up on this, so if it all works out ok it will be great to know I can put together lots of angled pieces successfully. Wow, who ever said quilting was boring! 🙂

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