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Making progress … kind of ..

Work on the bunnies quilt for Charlie is progressing – but slowly! At least it gives me something to keep my hands busy while I’m watching re-runs of the first series of ER – in fact, I think it’s probably making me sew a bit faster if anything, with all those CBC’s Chem 7’s and what have you – talk about 90 miles an hour!! So far I’ve done – wait for it … drum roll … 4 blocks – yay! 12 more to go – so, at 4 a week that’s (quick calculation) another 3 weeks … hmm, not too bad I guess – and at least the blocks are lining up better now. Here are the first 4:

I really like the look of this design with the tea time fabric (by Makower) which the lovely Fiona from The Sewing Directory sent to me (did I mention that already???? ūüôā

I’ve also been working on a simple cross-block quilt, using a few fabrics from the Sugar Pop range by Liz Scott –¬†I love these¬†pink, plum and orange prints and¬†I’ve¬†had a lot of fun mixing them with¬†solids.¬†It’s going together a lot quicker than the bunny quilt, so gives me a bit of light relief, sewing wise!


I wasn’t too sure about this to start with – I was pleased how the prints and solids went together but¬†I really wasn’t too sure about putting them all together – I¬†like how it looks on my design wall floor though. I’ve just¬†finished some solid orange blocks with a bit of diamond dandy thrown in, as the colours are quite similar so I’m looking forward to laying it all out again with those blocks in the mix – looks quite like plaid, doesn’t it?¬†

I haven’t quite got over that initial nervousness of cutting into fabrics that I really love (which is just about all of them, let’s face it) so¬†diamond dandy has been tucked away in my fabric drawer for a little while.¬†¬†It seems crazy, when you think that patchwork is all about putting scraps of material together but I always feel a bit loath to cut into any of them in case I make a mistake. It reminds me of when I was at college doing an Art Foundation course and I’d spent ages doing a very detailed pen and watercolour sketch of a rag doll –¬†I was really proud of it,¬†so I was horrified when one of my tutors¬†smeared a wet sponge all over it and said I needed to loosen up a bit! I ¬†remember the lesson, but I’m not sure I’ve achieved it yet! I’ve been¬†thinking of¬†my tutor quite a bit lately – even though I can’t remember his name – as¬†it was him who suggested I¬†do a degree in textiles. I¬†dropped out of the course and went to work for an insurance company shortly afterwards – and stayed in insurance for nearly 20 years, but¬†I wonder now what would have happened if I’d followed his advice. Seems he could see something in me that I hadn’t seen myself at the time – funny how things work out, isn’t it? :o)

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