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Oh my …

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

..goodness! Where did the last month go!! I can’t believe my last post was on Feb 20th, crikey :). Well, I hope (some of you at least) will be relieved to hear that I didn’t drop off the face of the earth – oh, no no no! I started work (yes – real, paid work!) with a lovely friend at her shop in Storrington (Storrington Gallery – click here for her facebook page), so that keeps me busy for a few hours every week.

I’ve never worked in a shop before and I have to say that I really enjoy it – no more sitting in front of the computer, lots of lovely people to talk to, Take That on the stereo ad infinitum and lots and lots of lovely stock to play work with !! Even unpacking deliveries makes it feel like Christmas every day :). And who knew window dressing and shop displays could be so much fun! Having a ball ….

Hopefully when I get more organised, I’ll be able to put some of my quilts in the shop, so if you are ever passing the Gallery, please pop in and have a look – nothing beats being able to see and handle them, I think (well, at least not until I improve my quilt-picture-taking skills, that is!). The sugar pop quilt I’ve been working on is destined for the shop – I’ve just ordered some more fabric for the border, as I was undecided whether to go pattern or plain and it’s still on my work-in-progress pile file, feeling a bit unloved and neglected. There are some great prints in the Sugar Pop range in pinks, greens and blues. I’ve been working with the pink colourway, which you might remember, but I added a few co-ordinating solids in purple (maye I should say Aubergine, that sounds more trendy doesn’t it), aqua, lime and pink.

I did add in some orange and diamond dandy, but I think I’ve decided to take that out now – it feels like it clashes a bit with the rest of the range (Diamond Dandy is part of the Hope Valley range, by Denyse Schmidt – you can see some of the range here) and the shade of orange I chose doesn’t really work. Feeling much happier now that that has been sidelined. And I’m so looking forward to the border fabric arriving – here it is:

Hopefully once this fabric arrives, it won’t take much to finish the quilt off and get it in the shop – hurrah.

I just ordered some lovely blue and apricot fabric that I can’t wait to get my hands on too, so I need to make some space on the WIP pile!! How gorgeous is this? It’s a collection of blues from Fig Tree fabrics and if you love vintage prints, you’ll love Fig Tree! I bought this bundle of loveliness from Randi at FreshSqueezedFabrics on Etsy – she does some great colour matched bundles that I haven’t seen in other fabric shops. I’m a late convert to Fig Tree, as I’m generally a fan of bolder, more colourful prints, but they have won me over. I have a jelly roll of their ‘Whimsy’ range put aside to make a quilt for my bed – yikes! Anyway, the Blue and Apricot quilt will go in the shop too, so more reason for you to pop down there and see us!   

More quilts to make – good job I love it, hmm? Speaking of which, I’m off to the NEC this weekend to visit the ‘Sewing for Pleasure’ show – I’m sure I won’t come back empty handed! Best go and make a list of all those things I need – you know, fabric, fabric, fabric and – well – more fabric! Oooh, and some buttons maybe … and some felt? Some embroidery thread ? …. maybe I should take a trolley 🙂

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