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Just checking …

.. that my new settings have saved and that this will link to facebook …. and yay, looks like it works (cos I’m so lazy, it saves me repeating myself over there – well, saves you lovely facebook / blog followers from seeing me repeat myself!)

Ooh, while I’m here, thought I’d just upload my pics of the embroidery I had a go at at the Sewing for Pleasure show – this was the result of a workshop with Lorna Bateman who is just fab! She has a facebook page too (Lorna Bateman Embroidery) and has some great pictures on her site. Lorna is a former quilter and I was explaining that I’d really like to incorporate some more embroidery into my quilts – so far it’s been limited to running stitch but Lorna showed us how to do drizzle stitch and stem stitch – both of which are really effective 🙂

 The picture above shows the embroidery in progress – Lorna had very kindly drawn the design out onto the cloth beforehand so it was really easy to pick up and sew. I came away with a Milliner’s needle and a Crewel needle (never had either of those before) and a little kit with all the threads in that I needed, together with some instructions (always helps, I think – I like instructions and have been known to hoard bits of paper for years and – ooh, years!) .

I’ve finished the lavenders now

but I still need to add some little bees that were in Lorna’s original design. I’m really pleased with how it turned out and love the little drizzle stitches – they’re like little furry caterpillars that you can secure at the end to hold them flat to your work, or have them waving about like – well, furry caterpillars I guess! Not sure yet how I’ll use these skills in my quilts but it was a lot of fun learning – now looking at embroidery books amongst everything else 🙂 – so much to try, so little time!

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