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Now with added giraffe

The tumbling blocks quilt is coming along well – yesterday I added a border and today a giraffe – I really like how the border has brightened the quilt up, I was suprised how much difference it made! And the giraffe 🙂 – very cute! I had to take the original paper template to Staples to get them to enlarge it by 300% for me – I tried scanning it on the computer and enlarging it, but it didn’t seem  to make much difference, so not sure what happened there – anyway, the nice people at Staples had a HUGE photocopier and got it to the right size for me. I thought it looked a bit big, but when I put it on the quilt, it looked fine

In the pattern, the giraffe is off to one side but because I used some of the fabric that’s already in the quilt, I had to move it over a bit so that it could be seen. Still loving that bobbinfill thread I put in the machine this week – no snags, no pulls, just seems to glide through the machine. Have to admit I do worry about doing machine applique sometimes, as the tension is often a bit off so I either have bobbin thread showing up on the top, or top thread on the bottom. I did have to adjust the bobbin tension when I put the new thread in, as it’s such a fine thread (60wt polyester) but apart from that I haven’t had to tweak anything and I’m so chuffed with it – dare I say it, I enjoyed appliqueing this giraffe to the quilt top (now there’s a sentence I don’t use every day!)


Ok, got to go and piece the back now – can’t wait to start quilting this! Fingers crossed 🙂


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  1. Dorinda
    June 12, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    Can’t wait to see it ‘in the flesh’ – it looks fab. The border has made a huge difference.

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