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Between projects

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, kind of.

I finished the last ‘big’ project I was working on a couple of weeks ago and have been dabbling a bit ever since – I feel a bit lost at the moment, to be honest, a bit lacking focus, even though I really do have ‘stuff’ to do!

This is the last quilt I finished – for a little baby girl who is due quite soon

It’s not easy to see from the picture what the different fabrics are but there are a couple of pale pinks – a plain pink and a pink and white gingham, plus a white with a pale pink spot. The darker pink fabrics are from a bundle I bought at the festival of quilts – a plain dark pink (hot pink? fuschia?) and then one with small white dots and one with a subtle geometric pattern. Like the Delilah quilt, I alternated light and dark fabrics around a central white square – simple, but quite effective I think. I’ve had a lot of fun with squares and working round them in an almost-log cabin style over the last few quilts.


I also made a cot bumper to match

Not the easiest thing to photograph still! I’m looking forward to hearing when the new baby arrives and starts to put these to good use 🙂

Since I finished the ‘pretty pink’ quilt, I finally started on the Sampler quilt that is my quilting group’s challenge this year – I was very undecided about it, although I have been collecting the block instructions at group meetings every month. I haven’t been a big fan of sampler quilts in the past, but the Dear Jane and Farmer’s Wife quilts I’ve seen on a number of blogs have persuaded me to give this a go – in fact, it was one Dear Jane quilt in particular that really sold me on the project –


 You can find a link to the blog it came from here  – I like that the quilter (Hanne) called it her ‘Nearly Insane’ quilt – I can imagine it did nearly drive her insane, but I absolutely love this!

I’ve been saving up some red and white fabrics of my own over the year – well, actually, they are red, white and orange if I’m honest! They are mainly some of the Tufted Tweets collection by Laurie Wisbrun, but I’ve also added some of Saffron Craig’s Mignon Trees and some Ta Dots in orange / white – they all seem to go quite well together.

My original plan was to make a red, white and orange houses quilt with this little stash ( I love houses – have you seen the ‘Neighbourhood’ quilt that Seewtwater made from their hometown fabric? I love, love, love it but haven’t been able to persuade myself I should get some yet :o(

Anyway, when I decided to give the sampler quilt a go, I thought these fabrics would be good fun!

 Here are the blocks I made so far – Card Trick, Dresden Plate and Rail Fence – I really like how they’re turning out 🙂 There’s Drunkard’s Path, Tumbling Blocks, Rose of Sharon, Spiderweb and Maple Leaf  to add, plus a stained-glass effect Tulip block. The deadline is 2 Dec, when it’s the group’s Christmas Party – hope I’ll have a quilt top to show if nothing else!

I did get this cushion finished recently – it will have a partner when I get around to adding some more applique

I’ve been a bit stumped with what to add, though – flowers maybe? The fabric I used for the lettering on both of these cushion covers is from the Bazaar range by Pat Bravo (Art Gallery fabrics) – I picked up a couple of pieces at Sandown in June and I absolutely love them, they’re so soft and the colours are gorgeous – not sure the pictures do them justice, but trust me, they’re fab! 

Once I decide how to finish off the cushion, I have some bunting to make from these Christmas fabrics from Riley Blake


And a mug rug or 2 from these

Plus, I have some pieces of fabric cut out for mobile phone cases that really need making up. And, while I’m procrastinating over that lot, I’ll be finishing off a few more blocks of my crocheted Sunshine Afghan from an Alicia Paulson pattern.

So, like I said, I’m kind of between projects at the moment – good job it’s half term this week, maybe I’ll actually get something done! (Just need to bribe the kids to play out 8 hours a day and I’ll be laughing!)

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