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Building houses :)

Ok – you know I said I’d lost a bit of focus lately? Well, I just found some !! 

I was browsing some of the other blogs on Lynne’s Small Blog Meet  (thanks Lynne) and one of them (thanks Karen at K’s Quilting Corner ) mentioned a quilt-a-long (can I call it that?) being hosted by Jeanneke over in the Netherlands, making a houses quilt from teeny scraps – what a fab idea! I’m in – no more will I wonder what to do between larger projects, my friends – no, I’m going to be ‘building houses’  – ahh 🙂

And hey, look at me, 3 (yep, that’s t-h-r-e-e) posts in 2 days – it can’t last! Gotta go – I have scraps to sort …..

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  1. Sherrisa
    January 3, 2012 at 4:45 am

    I’ve always wanted to be able to quilt, i just have no idea how or where to start, could you point me in the right direction.

    • suze28
      January 3, 2012 at 10:55 am

      Hi Sherissa, one of the first quilting books I bought was ‘quilting for dummies’ which gives you a lot of tips for starting out – you could have a look at fabric shops locally, to see if any of them have classes (I have the quilt room in Dorking near me, which does a lot) or go take a look at the Quilter’s Guild website for a quilting group near you. Other than that, I think you just have to dive in – pick a block or 2 with not too many pieces and have a go at putting it together. If you check out quilting blogs regularly you’ll pick up lots of tips along the way to help you find a style and method that suits you – there’s no one way that’s right for everyone. Good luck and have fun!

  2. January 3, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Hi ~ I came over from the Small Blog Meet ~ I love your quilts, I am just starting out on my quilting journey, so am very inspired! Great to meet you, Hilary

    • suze28
      January 3, 2012 at 10:58 am

      Hi Hilary – good to meet you too, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’ve only been quilting ‘regularly’ for about 18 months and it’s amazing how your skills develop – I really feel I came on a lot last year, and am looking forward to seeing where 2012 takes me. Gonna pop over to Lemon Loves now – see you in a min!

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