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Building blocks

Blimey, the building ‘bricks’ for my scrap houses are really really tiny! I spent some time this weekend tracing and cutting the pattern onto freezer paper, and sorting scraps – here is the blue pile

At the left hand side you can see what I mean about the pieces, teeny teeny tiny! I’m telling myself that that means they won’t take long to sew together but so far the grand total of houses ‘built’ from scraps is: 0. Hmm, bit of work needed to catch up I think!

Still – I do have some more pieces cut out and ready to sew together now – my plan is to spend a day at the beginning of the month cutting out a month’s worth of ‘bricks’ and then sew them up over the month, so I don’t have to cut out every day. I was doing ok, til I realised that one of the roof pieces was the wrong way round, doh! How long have I been doing this quilting lark???? Not long enough, obviously!

So, this was about an hour into the cutting marathon:


A few sky pieces ready, but not much else!

And – erm – several hours later: 


 I need to spend some time later re-doing the roof pieces (still can’t believe I did those the wrong way round!) and then the sewing can begin – hurrah! In the meantime, I’ve been having fun learning how to ‘draw’ quilts in EQ7. This is one I rustled up yesterday:


 I love this program – it’s adding to my list of ‘must-make quilts’ but it’s great 🙂

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