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Some endings, some beginnings and a middle

August 22, 2011 1 comment

We got back from a week’s holiday on the Isle of Wight on Saturday – a whole week without my trusty sewing machine, which felt a little strange! I took some crochet with me to keep me busy¬†(a lovely Afghan blanket using a pattern by Alicia Paulson), but it was nice to pick up the threads of my quilts again ūüôā

Since my last post, I’ve finished the single bed quilt which used the Delilah fabrics – I managed to post some pictures to my Flickr gallery before we went away on holiday, so some of you may have seen this already. I really, really loved this quilt, even though I’m not normally a big fan of pink (although having said that, the Sugar Pop quilt was mostly pink too – maybe I’m denying that pink side of me too much at the moment!!) – anyway, it turned out very girly and¬†looking almost vintage, thanks to a squiggly quilting¬†pattern and a run through the washing machine (great for producing crinkly quilts!)

The quilt uses 35 blocks, which are 10 inches square. The block is almost like¬†log-cabin¬†as it builds up around a central square.¬†¬†The white ‘centre’ is framed twice, using¬†two¬†narrow sides and two¬†wide sides –¬†these narrow / wide sides are then alternated with the second print. I’m not sure I’m doing a great job of describing it here,so maybe this close up of the block will help!

I love how well¬†the block¬†shows off the prints and have alternated them¬†so that some have¬†a pink inner and some have¬†a blue inner and these are alternated across the quilt.¬†I think¬†it helps that there are an odd number of blocks in the rows – it feels balanced, as each row begins and ends with the same colour.¬† The pattern was from an American magazine, and is all in inches which was a bit of a challenge as¬†my ruler is metric! I’m just about to start a couple¬†of baby quilts and I’m planning on¬†using the same pattern but I’ve changed the size of the blocks a bit so that I can use my ruler without a calculator, pen, pencil and emergency chocolate (in case of stress) by my side ! They’ll have 4 rows of 3 blocks – it’ll be interesting to see how the adjusted, slightly larger,¬†blocks look together.

I used the hearts and loops quilting pattern (thanks Tracey!) and was really pleased at how it turned out – I’ll definitely use that one again!

Some other finished items:  

The cushions to match the quilt.

Matching quilt and blanket for dolly / bunny / teddy etc

So, as well as some¬†endings and new projects on the go, I’m happy to say I have a middle to report – yes, the teatime bunny quilt top is finally all put together, hurray!!!!¬†Now, I have to say I like sewing by hand – I do, really, – and if I weren’t so darn impatient to see the end results, I might make more quilts by hand rather than by¬†machine. However – I’m very¬†glad that the 256 pieces¬†that make up these bunny blocks are all finally sewn in place and sashed together! I’ve been working¬†on it since March so Charlotte (age 7, whose bed it is destined for) is also very pleased to see it get to this stage before she leaves home and starts a family of her¬†own¬†ūüôā

¬†I’ve promised her that this week we will buy wadding and some fabric to go on the back!

The question now is – should the bunnies have eyes? Or will that be too weird? Charlotte thinks they should – I’m not so sure. What do you think? ¬†



Not Cath Kidston ..

July 9, 2011 2 comments

… but very similar!

This is my latest quilt in progress, for a little girl who is going to be a big sister very soon ūüôā The fabric is from a range called Delilah by Tanya Whelan and it is really pretty. We chose 4 of the prints, Bijou, Amelie, Lulu-Rose and Buds, in both the pink and blue colourways, then added a couple of Kona Solids (Petal and Blueberry) and a couple of gingham prints in pink and blue that I already had. You can find a great range of the Delilah fabrics at Seamstar (here)

I was looking for a¬†pattern that¬†used squares and I remembered one that I saw¬†a little while ago by Kate Conklin that I loved – think it’s called Fussy Fairytales and it’s a really gorgeous quilt that uses some of the Heather Ross prints from her Far Far Away range (love that fabric but haven’t indulged yet – bit too expensive for a casual purchase, unfortunately ūüė¶ ) You¬†can see that quilt here¬†along with Kate’s tutorial for the blocks.

Although¬†I loved that quilt, I wasn’t sure how well it would work out using Delilah, because it doesn’t have the same sort of motifs as Far Far Away, so Fussy Fairytales¬†is parked for a bit longer!! As luck would have it, though, I found a great pattern in a magazine that¬†I picked up at one of my quilting group meetings. It’s called ‘All Squared Up’ and is in an American mag –¬†‘Fabric Trends for Quilters’¬†from Fall 2007¬†. How lucky am I that¬†the ladies in my quilting group travel the globe picking up quilting magazines and books and then pass them round!!¬†I must have at least 30 quilts on my to-make list at the moment and it grows every time I switch on the computer – gonna have to give up sleeping soon ūüôā

The block for this quilt is a bit like Log Cabin, as it builds up around a central 2 and a half inch square, but half of the strips are 1 and a half inches wide and half are 3 and half inches. You can see the effect here

It takes 35 blocks (7 rows of 5) and this is the extra one I had left over, which will go on the back. The blocks go together pretty easily –¬†each one probably only takes 10/15 minutes to piece, so I got¬†all the blocks done last weekend.¬†The pattern in the mag has a narrow¬†(1 and a half inch) solid border around the blocks, and then a¬†single wide (8 and half inch)¬†flowery border to finish. I thought about using¬†the pale pink solid as the wide border here, but I wanted to use more of the prints that I had left, so I pieced together some of the pink¬†patterend strips and put them around the narrow border, then finished off with another strip of white and I’m really happy with the end result.

Still thinking at the moment about what to put on the back – more scraps, or just white? I’m going to put the¬†little girl’s name on the back, along with the extra block, so maybe just white? I’ve got plenty of strips left for a scrappy binding too – don’t the colours look really cute together!

Now I’m really looking forward to getting to the quilting stage –¬†I¬†fancy having a go at hearts and loops for this, which I saw on a quilt at Sandown, at the National Quilt Championships¬†a couple of weeks ago.

I found this great quide to meandering quilting designs by Tracey¬†Pereira a little while ago while browsing her website – it’s a fabulous resource, and Tracey has done a great job (imho) putting it together – would love to try more of these but I’m a bit chicken !! Tracey¬†also sells¬†fabric and¬†offers a¬†longarm quilting service if you want to check her out (¬†.

There is a ‘stars and loops’ pattern at the back of Tracey’s guide¬†and ‘hearts and loops’ is very similar – you just substitute hearts for … ok, maybe I’m stating the obvious here!!

I see a busy week ahead – and then some little cushions to match. Did I mention I had some cute pink pom-pom trim for the cushions? Ahhh, It’s going to be so girly!