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Fabric Addiction …

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I admit it, I’m addicted – to fabric, that is (although coffee and chocolate come pretty close!)

I finished my latest quilt last week – it’s another new favourite ūüôā

This quilt (for a newborn baby boy called George) started with some teeny tiny zoo fabric (from Alexander Henry) that I bought a few months ago¬†on a whim – you know when you see something you like and although it doesn’t go with anything you just have to have it? –¬†I know I’ve felt this with the odd piece of clothing (the red trousers I’m wearing right now spring to mind) but usually, it’s fabric.¬†I must have enough stashed away to make at least a dozen quilts, but this doesn’t stop me visting virtual fabric stores at every opportunity (hallelujah for the internet and 24/7 shopping) and adding all sorts of crazy prints to my¬†basket.

One of the green fabrics came from a stall at the National Quilt Championships at Sandown – another impulse purchase, along with some Pat Bravo prints (in purply colours – gorgeous!!)¬†The¬†grey and white polka dot¬†(called summertime, strangely – unless they mean summertime in England, I guess!) was from my stash and although it didn’t seem an obvious choice to team up with the zoo, it seemed to go well. The solid green (Kona cactus, I think) and solid navy were also from my stash, waiting for the right project to come along, while the large grey dots and the navy/ white polka dot were¬†bought specifically to complete the¬†set: 2 green, 2¬†navy, 2 grey border fabrics. I wanted the zoo to be the star of the block, so cut a large rectangle and framed it with white, then cut strips from the¬†border fabrics to¬†surround it, 2 in each colour making 12 blocks altogether.

I love the way the white sets the zoo fabric off and the varying size of the border strips meant that I could place the rectangle in different positions when lining the blocks up. I dithered for a bit over how to arrange the blocks and then decided to run the green blocks down the middle and have the blue and grey blocks on each edge, so that they mirrored each other. The only thing I really planned with this quilt was the size of the block and the position of the rectangle Рeverything else kind of developed as I went along, which is a bit a change for me as I usually like to know where I am going Рstops me worrying about running out of fabric! That did nearly happen here, as I decided to use the last of the zoo fabric for the binding and had a 3 inch gap to fill round the edge Рaaaaaarrrrrrrgh! Luckily, I had enough small pieces of fabric to join together and finish it    

There were some big pieces of the other fabrics left though, so I decided to use these as the backing – another change, as I usually go just for white on the back with odd scraps¬†or leftover¬†blocks¬†added, but¬†I really like the result here. I’m not sure I’d do this every time, as patterned fabric can be so expensive, but this worked out well and makes the quilt more¬†interesting – and colourful – to look at. I like the lime green stripe down the edge!!

I treated myself to a trip to¬†the Quilt Room in Dorking last weekend to buy the wadding for this quilt and had a lovely time drooling¬†over¬† looking at bolt after bolt of fabric, along with jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs, fat quarter bundles – aah, heaven! Charlotte (who’s 7) came with me on the promise of some post-fabric-fix toy shopping and couldn’t really understand the attraction (yes, she even said she was bored once or twice – I mean, how is that even possible???)¬†I told her it was like a sweetie shop for mummies and I think there was a glimmer of understanding ūüôā

I have another ‘squares’ quilt on the go at the moment – for a new baby girl this time – so I should be back soon with some pictures of that to show you. Then I might just have to buy some more fabric –¬†a girl¬†can never have too much fabric, you know ūüôā