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Bloggers Quilt Festival – Spring 2011

May 15, 2011 11 comments

Finally, finally the Sugar Pop quilt is finished, quilted and basted – and just in time to enter it in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.

BQF is arranged by Amy Ellis (go visit her blog at Amy’s Creative Side) twice a year and co-incides with the international quilt markets held in the USA in the Spring in Autumn. Currently there is one underway in Salt Lake City, Utah (oh, how I’d love to go!) On Amy’s blog you will find hundreds of quilts from bloggers all over the world, sharing examples of their work – I  entered for the first time last Autumn and found tons of inspiration from the quilts that were shown, and also came across many of the blogs that I follow now. Thanks must go to Amy for hosting the ‘festival’, and giving quilters an opportunity to come together in one place – and also for organising a host of giveaways from all her lovely sponsors (did I not mention giveaways before? Quick, stop reading now and go get sewing, there’s still time to get your quilt in … well, um … just 🙂

So ta – da – my entry this Spring is my Sugar Pop quilt

I found the pattern for this in a ‘Quiltmania’ magazine from Jan/Feb 2007 that one of my sewing friends passed on to me – I put it on a pile to keep and make some time in the future (along with hundreds of others) but when I saw the Sugar Pop fabric – specifically a bundle of the pink/plum colourway – it set me thinking about the pattern again. I was busy with the paper piecing on the bunny quilt and the prospect of doing something that would come together a bit faster was quite appealing!


I changed the layout of the quilt so that it was rectangular rather than square, but kept the dimensions of the blocks the same, and set them on point just the same. The quilt top came together really quickly but it sat around – or rather, laid around, draped on a chair – for quite a while, until I could decide how to quilt it. As I mentiond in a previous post, this is the first time I’ve used basting spray on a quilt and I was curious to see how it fared – I have a bit of a problem with basting and where to  lay everything out, so it means quilting (especially straight line quilting) can be a bit of a struggle, battling puckers and pulls!

I finally tackled the quilting this week and, in the end, went for a simple chequerboard pattern – it was fairly straightforward as I started at one edge and just kept going up and down the seams til I got back to where I started! I love how it turned out on the back

 After I’d done the main part of the quilt, I went round the border again, with a narrow line of echo quilting , and then again with a wider echo, to take the quilting further into the border. You can’t really see the quilting lines at the front but I’m really happy with how it looks on the other side.

 Although this was a bit of an impulse make – and by someone who isn’t really that bothered about pink! (I love the cooler colours, blue, green and purple much more) I really love this quilt and it always puts a smile on my face. I love how the patterned fabric and the solids work together. It was interesting to have a go with the basting spray and I’ll probably use it again, although I found it didn’t eliminate puckers altogether – basting is one task I’ll have to carry on working at, I think and just hope I’ll get better at it. I found straight line quilting a bit of an effort again, as well – I definitely find free motion quilting easier (even if it turns out a bit wonky sometimes!) but I still love the results in this quilt – I didn’t think that fmq would work so well here because the fabric is so densely patterned and coloured. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments 🙂